World Escapes and Adventure Travel Limited, organizes private, tailor made safaris and travel packages where guests are encouraged to elaborate their preferred Itinerary, budget and activity of interest.

We are pleased to introduce to you to our variety of travel packages that also include, interesting destination add- ons like Sports Tours and events.

Whatever your dream destination or travel package, we wish to help you make it a memorable reality. Be it bird watching, white water rafting, camel rides, walking safaris, cycling safaris, trekking safaris, mountain climbing, camping or a lodge Safari. We have you covered. Visit our facebook page for traveler experiences and real time up to dates of our special offers.

Our local guides in each country were born,  have lived, studied, guided , trekked, researched, even eaten , taught and volunteered in more than 15 countries African countries and worldwide.

Bounded by passion to unearth what’s new and unknown. Our team of local experts has a combined working experience of 50 years plus among themselves.

World Escapes and Adventure Travel Limited has a passionate team of destination specialists who are intimately well informed on the new and the old. The different, the not to be missed. The off the beaten track. Our itineraries are crafted to meet all budgets and specifications.

When you travel with a local guide, you discover that they are finely attuned to your personal expectations and importantly, all are connected to the local people and culture and traditions. This are the people who can deliver breathtaking moments. This is the simple truth that guides World escapes and Adventure Travel. The best spot to find a Cheetah, or Rhino, a secret café or a favorite local dish, a personal account of a shared local tradition- Indeed this are the experiences that truly endure and last.

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