Apollo Medical Tours India

June 24, 2020

Medical Tours from Kenya to India with Apollo Hospital Hyderabad.
The best super specialty hospital in India. Using the latest technology much of it not available in Kenya.
India boasts of having some of the best qualified medical professionals. Coupled with its vast doctor/patient ratio- India’s medical facilities are some of the best with world class medical practitioners offering professional services at very competitive rates. If you want to undergo treatment of certain ailments that do not require an emergency, India medical Tour package is the best for you. Compared to East African medical facilities, India’s hospitals have state of the art hospitals and facilities that deal with early diagnosis and treatment.Having traveled to the destination and with first hand knowledge, World Escapes and Adventure Travel services can organised the following travel services.-

1 Connecting you with a professional Doctor from Apollo Hospital-

2 Visa Application-

3 Travel tickets-

4Meet greet and assist in India- Hyderabad International Airport-

5 Airport transfers from Hyderabad to Jubilee Hills area

-6Booking and follow up with Doctor

-7 Hotel accommodation inclusive of free pick up and drop off to hospital

-8 Hospitality services i.e making sure patients are attended to, assistance in check in and check out-including coordinating of the recommended medical tests

-9 Stay in with Patient where necessary

-10 meals , excursions  and miscellaneous services.

Get your medical treatment done in India at a fraction of the cost at which is done on Kenya.The complete package will cost you less that what you would have to pay for the medical charges alone.